Why We Care

The Sports Industry has at least a $50 Billion dollar annual impact on the United States’ economy. That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 Trillion dollars over a 20 year period. Professional athletes’ salaries and their ancillary support resources represent a significant percentage of this “river of wealth”. The problem is that the flow of this wealth has a one way direction as professional athletes’ income jets away from wealth preservation toward spend thrift frivolity and graft. And even though college athletes are the well spring of billions of dollars annually, they don’t receive a fraction of the income they help to generate, other than a tuition scholarship.


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Athletes Development Institute, provides financial and business education to athletes in an executive education setting and format. The Institutes (ADI) are normally two or three day educational events that provide economic education and credible business contacts to athletes in a relaxing, fun and inter-active environment. ProSquared was founded by Robert Wynn, an economic development and education specialist in Madison, Wisconsin. Mr. Wynn has years of experience in assisting and educating athletes to pursue and achieve their “off the field” endeavors. He has provided financial and entrepreneurship education to numerous athletes at all levels. Mr. Wynn served on the board of directors of Reggie White’s Urban Hope Corporation for Entrepreneurship and he pioneered an innovative strategy to bring investment education to athletes through an investment club.

ProSquared LLC is developing a responsible network of individuals, programs and resources to support the education and “off the field” development of professional athletes.

Who We Are

The Board of Advisors that oversees the development and execution of ProSquared’s mission is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Bob Wynn, ProSquared LLC
  • Paul Hees, Ziegler Wealth Management
  • Prince Moody, The Ohio State University
  • Michael Morgan, Career Executive
  • Perron Nicholas, Adult Education Specialist
  • Mozell Peterson, Stryker
  • Bert Stitt, Center for Community Stewardship
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