The departure of Wisconsin Defensive Coordinator Dave Aranda speaks volumes about the current state of college football.


It seemed like just hours after the Badgers had played maybe their best game of the season, defeating favored USC in the Holiday Bowl, 23-21, it was announced that Aranda was leaving to become Defensive Coordinator at LSU. During three seasons at Wisconsin, under Aranda’s leadership, the Badgers had one of the best defenses in the country. So it was not surprising Aranda would be on the national coaching radar.


Some things were surprising, though. Aranda did not leave Wisconsin to become a head coach, but rather made a somewhat sideway move to be a DC at an SEC school.


And something that may have best explained Aranda’s move: His new annual salary will be a reported $1.3 million and be basically guaranteed for three years. That compares to $520,000/year he apparently was making at Wisconsin. The $1.3 million will probably be more money than many Division 1 head coaches are making – and a salary Wisconsin would be either unwilling or unable to match.


It also highlights the unfairness that now exists among college coaches and college athletes. If one of the Badger players had announced he was transferring to LSU he would have had to sit out the upcoming season. Not only does a coach not have to sit out a year, but he gets a huge raise to leave his former team.


Just in case anyone still wonders why college athletes are making more demands….



By John Finkler

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