Live. Learn.

Leave a Legacy.

We help athletes learn how to convert their incomes into permanent sustainable wealth.

Empowering Athletes

Our team has specific strategies to create more financially savvy athletes who are able to develop and use their income and human capital to leverage their situations for themselves, their families and their communities. ProSquared will offer the continuing education and orientation to best financial, business and philanthropic practices that can bring about the transformation that so many know is both needed and inevitable.


“The Athletes Development Institute is a welcome addition to an emerging infrastructure that will ultimately change the paradigm of the ‘professional athlete’ stereotype.”

– Spencer Tillman,
CBS Sports


“I attended the Athletes Development Institute in 2012, and it is a viable and necessary program that will help our pro sports players and their families to preserve more of their wealth and create lasting legacies…”

– Stacey Fielder August,
CEO & Founder, Leagues of Their Own

“I am grateful that I was able to make the move from athletics into business. I believe that ProSquared and the Athletes Development Institute can help many more athletes make a similar transition.”

– Al Toon ,
Former NFL player and University of Wisconsin graduate

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